NEWS: Fear, What men want and The Moon!

Script Hollywood

News, news, news! Hi everybody! I’m here to update you about our awesome projects!

First of all, let’s talk about Fear, my tv show ambiented in London (UK): i’m still speaking with the production houses (as you know this “things” need very very veeery longs terms) but meanwhile i’ve decide to launch a comic book series based on my scripts.

I don’t know, at the moment, who gonna be the artist that will “paint” Liz Parker and Max McGregor’s world but… i’m pretty sure he will make a very great job!

The Moon: situation is in stand by. Meanwhile another short story based on the horror subject in question have collected a prize: Black moon – in italian “La luna nera” – won the literary contest made by an italian editor (SensoInverso edizioni) and will be published in a book with other short stories of various authors.

What Men Want. Heather need to make real. So i’ve launch a Patreon – here: You can read, just donate few dollars, the entire book, chapter by chapter, the adventures of Heather – don’t forgett: she can read the men’s tought!

Meanwhile i’m at work on a comicbook script based on WMW. Soon i’ll publish here something about! So… stay tuned!

Oh… i almost forgot… another series born as a tv show will “come to light” as a graphic novel: i’m talking about Justice aka Police Assault (that i’ve created on 2015 / 2016)!

Do you wanna know much mre about it?! Check here – and don’y forgot to click like!:

So much news for a post… But i’m so excited about this new stuff!

Thanks for all your mail, tweet, message guys!

We love you!




Happy New Years Eve!


Hi everybody!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates but we are always at work on all the projects created by Stefano Labbia and by the other guys of Script Hollywood.

This year is ran fast: a lot of conquests, some delusions (we think it’s unavoidable!), some trouble – but we are strong, so… – and some plagiarisms that we have suffering.

Plagiarisms it’s always a bad thing but… we are professionist so… we know it’s much more “simple”, for someone, to steal your idea rather than buying it.

We prefer don’t say any more about it but… if you’ll watch – see something made by Script Hollywood and / or by Stefano Labbia, next year, so similar at another products (movie or tv show especially) released… believe us: we are in the right.

Let me tell you some good news! Another horror short story / fiction inspired by our movie “The Moon” (created by Stefano Labbia and run by Stefano Labbia and Simone Scardecchia) had win another contest: the story is called “The black moon” – “La Luna Nera” in italian – and will be published soon in a collection of short stories book, published by SensoInverso Edizioni ,an italian publisher.

When we’ll have other news about it we post something!

At now we are at work on all the past projects (The Moon, Basketball, Sisto, Fallen, What Men Want, Fear ect.) and we try to make a deal with Studios or young production house.

We really hope this year is a great year full of gratification: we wanna say thank you for all messages, all tweets, all posts you made.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

We really love you all!

Have a very nice 2018!



American Inn: are you ready for crazy?!

Hi everybody!

I’m here on the blog, after few days, with some news!

Like you know, “American Inn” is my new sit-com, a perfect mix between old comedy and new comedy!

You already know about the story… here you will find something more!

About “Fear“, instead, here you will find the official fan page on Facebook:

Thanks a lot for every comments, every message, every mail, every like… for everything!



Breaking News: The Moon, Butterfly Lies and the rest of our projects

Hi everybody!

A lot of news, we have to tell you!

In order:

Point one – i’ve decide to work alone on many projects like Safe, Butterfly Lies and other (it’s all my own work). I have no time to wasted! But thanks, thanks a lot for every single collaboration (all totally outside of Script Hollywood Team, of course) who i had in the last two years! I learned so much. Especially about human nature…

Point two – Let’s talk about “The Moon” project… Recently a story of mine was published in a horror anthology edited by SensoInverso Edizioni. This anthology, titled “Un penny dall’inferno”, has been remarkably successful; My story has been published under the title “Utopia”, and it tells of a little girl with pretty mysterious characteristics.

Do you remember something?

Well yes, it’s just the pretty little Mexican “thing” of your knowledge, or at least something close affinity.
The tale was published as it won an editorial contest, and so it was insert in the list that allowed its presence in the anthology. Strong about this result, I continue, with my partner and co-author Simone, to engage myself, in the search for productive means that enable the realization of our work.

Despite hard and very difficult this research, our little “thing” need to see the light (of the moon, in the dark), and reaping its victims without hindrance. That is why we are following many roads to arrive at the goal. We recently contacted a well-respected Project Manager to help us in this “crazy” mission.

The options are many, beyond the canonical production methods. The script, like you know, is not very expensive, but is a genre, indie, and experimental and classical at the same time, not so simple to be “accept” for a producer. This is still a challenge and a “productive adventure” for us! Our hope is to give life to our characters so that we can immerse you in the story of the little “girl” and about her mysteries…

One of the ways that could make our project realization possible seems to be the crowdfunding. This means that the small creepy killer girl could be see the light and terrified you, delightly, for your own merits.

So… stay tuned for other news! Other stuff! Other video! Other photo! Other… Script Hollywood things!



Script Hollywood Team: 2016 to 2017


Hi at all, friends and followers!

How are you?

Have you spent happy holidays?!

We are not here to talk about our holidays, but to say thank you for your valuable support you have given us in this fantastic 2016!

A lot of work for me and my team, this year – and for the next twelve months: Fear is a TV show (here we talked about – Fear), who I try to produce. Two big networks of UK are very interested about it and in 2017 I hope to shoot the pilot (or, why not, the entire first series!) with the companies interested in the project.

Other projects at work, in Italy, are pretty cool: all the works have been created, developed and written by me and my team of amazing authors, part Italian and part from the rest of the world.

We will have time to explain the individual project, one by one, but I give you a kind of brief overview of our shows and movies: we have an esoteric, very special, series ambiented in Rome. A perfect mix between Supernatural and The Mentalist TV show, with a little of mystery. This show is a truly gem and we have an agreement with a Italian production company. But at the moment I can not say anything else.

We have another original series set in a strange fantasy kingdom where everything is possible … A sort of a mix between Game of Thrones and Shannara Chronicles … but where things are not as we suppose … There are, essentially, continuous cliffhanger and the situations change minute by minute, frame after frame. And ‘frenetic, obsessive, convulsions. This show is incredible and we try to contact some companies, hoping that you can watch it as soon as possible!

Life Goes On, it will be my first feature film: I found the 50% of the budget and try to assess the possibility of increasing the rest of 50% with a crowdfunding campaign. But to do this is, I need your precious support… We can make it real? Stay tuned for more information.

All projects that we talked about in the past, are on stand by, but they are alive! We can’t forget our works.

Oh … Also I have a script for a comedy theater and a piéce dedicated to the young rocker who had found an untimely death.

And a lot of other original series (one with a “special” young journalist working in London … a dramatic comedy with a mix between Bridget Jones and Sex & The City …) and movies (Life, for example, that speak of a thirty years old friends and their target missed) are in development.

So … The thing I suggest is … stay tuned!

And Merry merry holidays!


Fear, Butterfly Lies & other news


Hi folks!

Sorry but we have been busy on our projects!

But of course we love you and we want update you on our works.

Number one: we have had a loooot of contacts for Fear, opur original tv show. Productions house of US and UK are truly interested about it. Hope we can give to you hot news, soon!

Number two: another project, another tv show created by me, Stefano, and developed with a new entry of the team, Valerio, a young italian screenwriter! It’s a spy story, a thriller, an ESP powers – story, a noir, an action… Really is wonderful and we can’t wait to speak about it, to you!

We continue to work on the rest of our projects and… for the moment we got a lot of meat on the grill… Seems it will be a great 2016 BBQ!

Thanks for love us, inspiring us and… for follow us!



S.A.F.E., Fear and new projects!

S.a.f.e. Fear and new projects

Like usual, sorry for the lack of the updates but… we are truly busy with our projects!

We think about you everytime we read, write and… we eat something.

Seriously… You are really important!

So… Let’s start with a bad news: twitter has blocked our account – i don’t know why… Hoping who we can resolve it soon but… meantime, probably we need to open a new account.

After having asked why it happen, of course.

Point number two: S.A.F.E.

With our great screenwriter Edoardo, we have rewrited part of the pilot and re-reading the concept.

At now we are evaluating some offer to produce the first episode from some producers (US and worldwide): soon finally you’ll can watch what the S.A.F.E. team need to tell to the world!

Point three: Fear.

We got the 50 % for prodice the pilot and two big UK Broadcast asked to us to shoot it for organize after that, an editor’s vision, with their editors… It’s a great step and we are proud of us and of you, of course!

Without your precious support, probably we would be surrended.

Point four: new projects

Yes. We have a loooot of new projects (and we work on old projects, meanwhile…)! Like American Inn, The Moon, WMW (What Men Wants), Butterfly Lies, Life Goes On, (R)Evolution…

So… stay tuned if you wanna know much more of our work!